Distracted Driving Affects Everyone

Whether you're a parent who has driven for years or a teenager on the road for the first time, phones can easily become a distraction that results in tragedy.

Parents, Get Involved

Parents are the key to the safety of teen drivers! Statistics show that parents are the number one influence on how their teen drives. We have a collection of tips and resources to help your teen become a better driver.

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Teens, Test Your Knowledge

What age of driver has the highest crash rates compared to other ages?



Estimated U.S. Teen Crash Deaths in 2022

There are approximately six teen deaths every day from motor vehicle injuries.

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Informative Articles

Limits on Teen Drivers Possible with Ford System

This article is not an endorsement of Ford vehicles but rather an example of how technology can be used to place certain limits on teen drivers.

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Keys2Drive - The AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety

Supervised Driving - HELPING YOUR TEEN LEARN TO DRIVE - Mentor. Leader. Coach. Partner. You'll assume all these roles as your teen works through steps to become a responsible, safe driver. Supervised driving is the first of those steps.


Resources for Parents of Teen Drivers

There is no substitute for a parent's guidance as teens learn to drive. Be the coach your teen needs you to be.

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License to Live - Teen Driver Event Filled with Emotion and Impact

A daughter's testimonial, convincing demonstrations and powerful displays all came together...

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