Parents, Get Involved

Parents are the key to the safety of teen drivers. Statistics show that parents are the number one influence on how their teen drives. Be sure to help your teen become a better driver by following some of the following steps:

Talk to Them

This sounds rather obvious, but really talk to them. Driving is a serious responsibility with serious consequences if not done correctly. Set ground rules and curfews and make sure they obey all the laws. Leave a good impression and help your teens develop good driving habits for the rest of their lives.

Be a Role Model

It is well known that teenagers are very impressionable so it is important for you, the parent, to do your part. Teenagers believe that if their parents can do it, why can't they? Follow the same rules you set for your teen; otherwise, every rule you make will not be taken seriously.

Practice Driving

It is easy to only drive with your teen on sunny days, but it is important for your teen to be familiar with all types of weather conditions otherwise, you may not be there the first time your new driver encounters an unfamiliar condition.

Know the Laws

It is important that your teen knows the rules of the road. Many states have Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws that include cell phone and texting bans.

Parent & Teen Contract

Enforce safe driving by filling out a written contract with every member of your family. Having these guidelines in place may help let your teen know what is expected when they start driving.

Make a Pledge

Useful Links

Defensive Driving Course

New York DMV-approved online defensive driving course, help your teen learn while reducing your insurance.


Driver's Ed Guru

Driver's Ed Training Exercises is a parent taught program to help your teen get prepared for driving.


TEENS Program

The Teens Electronic Event Notification Service is for parents to be kept in touch about their teen driver.


From Reid's Dad

A blog for parents of teens written by a father who lost his son due to an accident while not driving safe.